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Italian language courses in Tuscany, Italy

Learn Italian from a professional Italian language teacher in Tuscany, Italy

Lorella Federico, Italian teacher in Tuscany
Lorella Federico, Italian teacher in Tuscany

Hello, I’m Lorella Federico, and I would like to tell you about my Italian lessons in Tuscany. I am a professional Italian language teacher based at Panzano in Chianti, a small hilltop town in Tuscany, Italy. Panzano is located exactly halfway between Florence and Sienna, in the middle of the popular Chianti Classico area. I give Italian lessons right here in Tuscany to individuals and small groups of all ages.

If you’re planning a holiday in Italy, why not take a some Italian lessons in Tuscany to learn correct Italian pronunciation and useful phrases? If you already speak some Italian, take the opportunity of some Italian lessons with a professionally-trained, native Italian speaker to improve your Italian language skills.

In addition to teaching Italian to individuals and groups large and small right here in Tuscany, I offer one-to-one lessons via Skype to those who wish to learn Italian in the comfort of their own homes. Practice your Italian before and after your vacation in Italy!

Lessons may be held at my location but I’m happy to come to your vacation accommodation or where you live for your Italian lesson.

Italian lessons tailored to your personality and age.

Everyone has a unique way of learning.

I try to match that with a mix of techniques.

The ways people of different ages like to learn differ. Taking that into account is an important part of the Italian learning experience that I offer.

The most important factor for successfully learning a language is having a good reason to do so. Enhance your stay in Italy by understanding and speaking a bit of Italian!

• Beginner-level Italian lessons for visitors to Tuscany

In one or a few lessons, you will be introduced to the basics of Italian pronunciation and how to construct simple sentences that you can use during your vacation. Includes greetings, numbers, town names, menu items, how to order and so on. More about Beginner-level Italian lessons in Italy.

• Improve your Italian with Italian lessons in Tuscany

Do you already know a bit of Italian? Take the opportunity of your visit to Tuscany to build on your current knowledge to improve your Italian language skills. Increase your vocabulary, improve your sentence construction, polish your pronunciation. More about Intermediate-level Italian lessons in Italy.

• Follow up your local Italian lessons online via Skype

I have found that distance learning using Skype is an excellent way to build on your initial lessons here in Tuscany. You know your teacher, your teacher knows you. What better way to continue to develop your Italian language skills? More about Italian lessons via Skype.

• Intensive Italian course in Italy

To bring your Italian up to fluent conversational level and/or fluent reading comprehension, I offer an intensive course of several Italian lessons per day over a period of several days to a month or more. This course is of particular value to those about to take up a business position in Italy or who have important exams coming up. More about Intensive Italian lessons in Italy .

• Comments from my students

Some feedback from participants in the various kinds of Italian classes and lessons that I offer. Student feedback.